While the pace of digital transformation improving, we believe, Maritime will advance in its stride to technology indulgence in the near future. Covid has demonstrated how important technology is for remote working, process management and automation.

We understand the nuances of Maritime business well and with our three decades of experience in technology, we have made a positive impact in transforming some of the businesses in this space. With so many variables in the shipping business, causing lost opportunities and risk, it is time to give critical importance to data and build systems to extract insights from your data. This can reveal your true business performance and recommendations to build a sustainable business. 

Antrigulum Labs provides portfolio of services to the Maritime Industry. With our deep expertise in data and understanding of the domain, we see that many pain points are left to remain part of the process that is not only burning cash but also leading to overwork, sub optimal operational efficiency and potential risk. Whether you are ship owner, operator, broker or manager wanting to be digitally ready and move into a data driven culture, we can help you transform your organization gradually. We specialize in consolidation of your systems at one point, automation of data collection, clear emphasis of priorities and enough data points to make profitable decisions.

Ship Analytics AI Platform

A one stop technology company for the Maritime Industry

Digital Experience

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We can lay down the complete digital strategy for you as an organization and implement it from scratch utilizing the best in class technologies and tools. 


Mobility, Web, Applications, Analytics and Visualizations


Decarbonization is key for business sustenance and growth in Maritime. As regulations become stricter and environment degrades further, we make your tracking and reporting of your data seamless. 

EU-MRV, IMO-DCS, Net ZERO, Poseidon Principles

Asset Management

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Risks for vessel owners are vast and needs to tracked in real time. Vessel performance management, maintenance, utilization and comparison of assets become extremely key for proper financial management of the company.

Hull, Vessel Comparison, Performance, Dry dock