Welcome to Antrigulum Labs.

We are a technology company with focus on core data science. Through our solutions and services, we help Healthcare Organizations of all sizes to build operational efficiency and boost growth. We build analytics platforms to suit you in no time and deliver key insights from your data so you can focus on Business continuity and growth. 

We are one of a kind, exploring and inventing new solutions for undefined problems. We stretch to the realms of data study and are clinical in our assessments! 

We power your business with Pure analytics!

We engage with some of the most prominent corporations in the world

We build intelligent carbon emission tracking platforms 

We design and implement your Organisational Data Management 

We unearth hidden insights in your business through custom analytics

What we do

Digital Experience

Create digital strategy, data culture, application enablement, product development and differentiating experience.

Complete Digital Strategy and Implementation

Big Data Analytics

Consolidating complex organization data from discrete sources with futuristic data architectures and building advanced analytics with predictive and prescriptive AI models.

Data warehouse, Data Lake, Advanced Analytics, Predictive Model


We build custom purpose analytics dashboards for any data sets or use case you desire delivered with highly interactive visualization.

Customized Analytics Dashboards

End To End Digitization

Why are we different

We proactively invest in deep learning of technologies, debate in industry and deliver delightful value!

We deliver on the ground






We continuously invest